515 is pleased to present a three-person exhibit of paintings by
Barbara Kerwin, Linda King, and Trang T. Lê, with an opening reception on Saturday, October 16, 7-9pm, and a closing reception on Saturday, November 13, 7-9pm. The exhibit can be viewed by appointment through November 13.

"Like Agnes Martin, Barbara Kerwin creates paintings that point beyond the visible world. They function as quiet meditations on balance, harmony, beauty, and the enduring order of the universe... Kerwin's paintings have an exquisite visual presence. Shimmering in translucent levels of metallic and opalescent sheen, they radiate a jewel-like beauty. And intriguingly, their glistening surfaces remain as elusive as wealth, shifting and changing as light coruscates over them. (Betty Ann Brown)
Kerwin has been working on "Wealth & Benefits Series" since the Arab Spring and pleas of help to curb the greed that was overtaking the world. The first set, the "Wealth" pieces, are all right angled grid pieces incorporating gold. The "Benefits" are composed of trapezoids, breakout rectangles that are inspired by acts of courage and philanthropy by those who have amassed wealth in the system and give back.
Barbara Kerwin received her MFA in Painting from Claremont Graduate University. Her work has been exhibited extensively, received much critical attention, and is in many private and public collections."

For more than 30 years Linda King has explored art as a metaphor for life; evolution, change, transformation, the minute and the infinite. Her process is one of layering, subtracting, expanding, and deleting.
The "Indicators" series is an on-going project started in 2013. Working in sets of approximately 25 per year, each set has imagery derived from her imagination, drawing from observation, and drawing and painting from vintage books on plants, medicine, science and geometry. The pieces are on wood panels of different sizes and depths and are made with acrylic paint, paint pen, vinyl cuts and a bit of collage.
Although the "Indicators" are paintings and mixed media her approach to them is closer to her drawing practice. Drawing for her is explorative and intuitive. She adds and subtracts, and adds again, expands the image, sands, pours and works until the piece feels complete. Each piece is meant to work on it’s own but gains information and a more complex meaning when coupled with the others.
Her work in Los Angeles has been exhibited in shows at the Pete and Susan Barnett Gallery, another year in LA, den, PØST, Riverside Museum of Art and many other galleries. Before moving back to LA, she exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, WUK Kunsthalle, Vienna, the Hippodrome, London and numerous Chicago galleries. She has been reviewed in Art Ltd, LA Times,, New Art Examiner, ArtScene and Artnews.

Trang T. Lê is a contemporary visual artist based in Los Angeles. Born in Nha Trang, South Vietnam, Lê escaped Communist rule with her family to resettle in San Francisco in 1982. As a survivor of war, Lê’s paintings reflect not violence but peace and tranquility- the natural yearning to heal the human heart burdened by a tumultuous past.
Lê’s genres include abstract paintings to mixed media installations to address socio-political and personal issues. Lê uses nature and her surroundings to find inspiration to heal and these personal contemplations are reflected in her work. Lê navigates her inner, personal space translating into a sense of connection and balance, turmoil and grace, intuition and calculation, in a range of painterly forms. Lê’s paintings shift from broad and gestural, to ones that are built upon tight, meticulous mark-making. to ones that are built upon tight, meticulous mark-making.
Trang T. Lê has exhibited her work throughout the United States and abroad. She has held solo and group exhibitions since 2002 in prominent venues such as Vincent Price Art Museum, Riverside Art Museum, Ruth Bachofner Gallery in Santa Monica, Art Space Vincennes, The Artist’s House in Tel Aviv, Metahouse - German Cultural Center in Cambodia, Long Beach Museum of Art, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Huntington Beach Art Center, Sweeney Art Gallery, and Division 9 Art Gallery.
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